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Build a PC part 2.

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Parts list: 1 DVD with your (new) motherboard drivers.

After you have installed the motherboard and OS, it is time to pop in the DVD with motherboard drivers. When all goes well the instal menu should pop up, if not then open up the DVD drive under explorer. Look for the setup.exe, when this start, the install menu should show and you can start with installing the drivers.

1st. install your network drivers.

2nd. install your video card drivers, (if you use your onboard video).

3rd. install your sound card drivers, (if you use your onboard sound).

4th. install your USB drivers, (3.0 and or 2.0).

Install the rest of the drivers that are on your DVD if you want to use the devices. Test the drivers above one by one, now it is time to go online and register your OS (if needed). Don't forget to get the updates, I had 140 new updates.